Database Mapping


So am Trying To Generate Report using 3rd party software " Jasper " but I cant really understand the mapping of database, for example I want to have in the first row people who created object as you see in this image

but i cant really find related ID that links users table with object ? that's first

2nd :

I want to know which table includes custom Metadata Created to put it in the Report.

Is There a mapping to Clarify database smoothly !?


  • There is no direct link between users and objects. The change log is in ca_change_log, ca_change_log_subjects (for indirect logging) and ca_change_log_snapshots (content of changes).

    Metadata for intrinsics are stored in fields in the relevant table. Eg. the identifier of an object is stored in the idno field of records in the ca_objects table. Data for configured metadata elements are stored in the ca_attributes and ca_attribute_values tables. Preferred and non-preferred labels are stored in the *_lables tables (Eg. for ca_objects labels are in the ca_object_labels table).

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