Change Log dimension

We are dealing with excessive change log tables dimension (23 GB...)

Is there a way to reduce the size without loosing information? i.e., is it possible to delete some unessential rows?

Thank you



  • They're all essential if you want the complete history. You can delete some of all of it without damaging the database though; you just won't have the history. You can want to delete everything before a certain date.

    Long ago we used to have an option to storage the log in a separate database, which would at least in theory make it easier to manage backups. Is that something that would be useful to you?


  • Seth, thank you for your reply.

    Really, it could be useful to have such an option, to differentiate backups.

    Anyway, I was wondering to delete logs just for some kind of actions... any hint?


  • What actions would those be? You can get distinguish between inserts, updates and deletes using the changetype field in the log. Anything else would require looking at the snapshot value, which means a script.

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