BUD WHEN Importing information service query from a profile

When I try to import an information service query from an XML profile

example of query in profile

 <setting name="service">SparqlEndpoint</setting>

<setting name="querySparql">select ?item ?itemLabel ?value ?title ?itemDescription where {

 ?item wdt:P220 ?value

 FILTER (REGEX(?value, "***PLACEHOLDER***", "i"))     

 SERVICE wikibase:label {

          bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "it,en" .



ORDER BY ASC(?num)</setting>

at first the query in the new configured ca application doesn't work. If from ADMINISTRATION/METADATA ELEMENTS I do access the specific information service metadata and I simply save again (even without making changes to the SPARQL query field!) the query now start again to work correctly. I believe it is a bug when installing profiles.


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