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I tried to install providence and finally made it to the point, where I can access the installer. BUT all that is shown in the Browser is a Box with "CollectiveAccess" and "Version 1.7.17 installer (XLM)" written in it...there is no place to enter a email adress or choos a profile.

I'm quite new to the subject and have no clue what the mistake could be.

I use Apache, PHP 7.1.5 and MAMP on a Windows 10 in firefox.

The Forum was already a big help for the installation so far and i hope someone may knows a solution for my problem.

Kind regards


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  • You are almost certainly missing the PHP XML extensions in your installation.

  • Ok, thanks fot the super fast answer!

    How can I add those extensions? Sorry for the probably quite obvious question, I'm just super clueless and thankfull for every kind of help.

  • They should be there by default. I'm not familiar with current versions of MAMP, but I'd guess you'd have to edit the php.ini file to load the extensions.

  • Solved it!

    I accidently downloadet an old MAMP version without the extensions. Switching to XAMPP did the trick for me and now its running. :)

    Thanks for the help!

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