Installing CA to run in Linux local host mode


I could use some help getting CA to install in Linux local host mode. I have lampp installed and running. I have also downloaded Providence into a folder in htdocs. I try to run local host/providence-1.6.17/install and nothing happens. Am I approaching this correctly?




  • Can you define "nothing"? Does the browser return an error? Or a white screen with nothing on it? If it's the latter check the server logs or change your the php configuration on your machine (usually in the php.ini) file such that it displays errors on screen. The relevant directive would be:


    Once there's an error message we'll have an idea where the problem is.


  • OK. I tried a different browser and now I get error messages. localhost/collective_access/ brings up the results of the index.html file. If I enter localhost/collective_access/providence-1.7.16 I get an Access Forbidden 403 error. I show the following permissions for the folder: drwxrwxr-x

    If I enter localhost/collective_access/providence-1.7.16/ I get a page isn't working HTTP ERROR 500.

    The Apache access log shows access to collective_access/css and collective_access/js failing with a 403 error. I don't see these directories in the installation.

    What am I missing?

  • By "results of the index.html" file what do you mean? What are you seeing?

  • This is a screenshot for the results of localhost/collective_access.

    The second screenshot is the results of localhost/collective_access/providence-1.7.16

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