Theme Creation: Adding Javascript

I'm having a bear of a time getting custom java script into my theme.

Can anyone post an example? I have this and it's not working. The javascript is not added to the page:

themePackages = {

# -----------------------

pawtucket = {

css = css/main.css:100,

fonts = css/fonts.css,

themecss = css/theme.css:200,

   app = js/app.min.js


# -----------------------



  • Figured it out! Anything new needs to be added to the second part of the assets.conf file. Like so:

    themeLoadSets = {


    # Libraries listed in "_default" are always loaded (whether or not they have been

    # registered in code to load), are loaded in the order listed and are always

    # loaded first


    _default = [

    pawtucket/css, pawtucket/fonts, pawtucket/themecss, pawtucket/app



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