Error on clicking the '<<BACK' button on Pawtucket gallery

On clicking the '<<BACK' button of any Pawtucket gallery, the following error message appears:

Errors occurred when trying to access /dacr/index.php/Browse/objects/facet/row_id/26/key/ecc7411b22d8481e480b6140ebe83778:

  • View does not exist

I renamed the Pawtucket folder as dacr

My Application version: 1.7.17; Schema revision: 158


100 x 115 - 51K
3573 x 305 - 3M


  • I have the same problem. I have noticed that deleting the 'facet' part of the URL and pasting the URL works as expected.

     In this case, the URL would look like this

    from this:


    to this:


    But no idea how to make it work properly. It's very annoying and frustrating 😥

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • with Providence version 1.7.17 or earlier, Pawtucket 1.7.14 works perfectly for me. This error occurs with version 1.7.15 of Pawtucket 😵

  • Yes, I have noticed happily that this error has gone from my system, though I am not sure exactly how. I think this good change occurred after my customization of the browse facet configurations and entering of sufficient data. My version is 1.7.15

  • Thanks for the reply, it gives me hope that this will eventually be resolved, so I can keep updating my version of Pawtucket 😊

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