neither images nor data shown

Hi erveryone,

I just conifgured Pawtucket2 and it shows the existing objects, but not the existing pictures or additional informations I enterd in the backend and set to "accessible to public". Instead, my pawtucket looks like this (see image).

The titel of the picture is shown, and the object listet under "has media".

Does anybody know what could be the error?

Im operating on windows and tried the option of linking to the providence media directory. Pawtucket is intalled unter c:/xampp/htdocs/archive/providence/pawtucket, so in the pawtucket global.conf I set ca_url_root = /archive/providence, ca_media_url_root = providence/media/collectiveaccess and ca_media_root_dir = c:/xampp/htdocs/archive/providence/media/collectiveaccess.

Any help is much appriciatet!

Best regards, Bernhard

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  • The media has "accessible to public" set as well as the object? If so, what kind of media is linked? Are you getting file not found errors in the browser? From the screen shot it looks like the media is suppressed due to access settings.

  • Hi,

    after I copied the whole "media" folder from providence into the pawtucket directory, the pictures are shown! So its not about the public-settings...but it also works this way, so I'll just update the folder regulary.

    What I dont get though is how to display further metadate from the backed, e.g. the decription or measurements. I found an olter therad explaining how to change the displayed metadata, but I cant follow the given instructions. I couldnt find the referenced line in my app/conf/app.conf file, but the thread is also from 2013, so probably referring to an older build.

    Could you tell me, where I can configure the displayed metadata from providence in pawtucket?

    As always, thanks a lot!

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