1.8 rc5 caUtils reprocess-media error

I get this when I try to run ./caUtils reprocess-media

Invalid options specified (Option "-x" is being defined more than once.). Try 'caUtils help' to view list of valid options.


  • I don't mean to be a pain, but does anyone have a solution for this issue? It's got me stymied.

    I put in an older version of caUtils from 1.7 to see if it was still functional but it failed (different error message - missing things).

  • So some additional information:

    reprocess-media seems to be the only command within the caUtils program that doesn't work. Ugh. It's the only one I need!

    I just did a fresh install of 1.8 rc5 in case the upgrade kinda of hosed it. Alas, same error when I try to run ./caUtils reprocess-media.

    Any thoughts? I'm not terribly looking forward to removing all the media and recreating the media that way.


  • Well this is interesting. The caUtils that is packaged with pawtucket2 still works! Huzzah! I'm able to move forward at least. Whew.

  • I have to recant. The caUtils reprocess-media isn't working across the board. I'm getting zend_pdf errors now and I'm totally confused. Any thoughts?

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