Search can't find existing objects/collections


lately my providence setup is unable to find existing entries, for example if you look for a collection in the metadata-element, it just says the collection is not existing. It already worked with previous Objects, wich could be assigne to a collection via the sam metadata-element, furthermore the collection is shown in browse.

Does anyone know, what could cause this problem?

I'm using providence 1.17 on windows.


  • It sounds like the search index is not being updated. Try reindexing using caUtils rebuild-search-index (on the command line) or the reindex option in the user interface under Manage > Administrate > Maintenance > Rebuild Search Indexes

    If the problem persists the system for indexing in the background may not be working properly. This is often due to network configuration details on the server. You can disable background indexing by setting disable_out_of_process_search_indexing = 1 in your app.conf file. Without background indexing you may see a lag when saving changes to a record, but in general it should be ok.


  • First of all: Thank you for the response!

    Surprisingly rebuilding the search index and desable the out of search indexing made it kinda worse...after I realised the search wasn't working, I created some test entities, which then were found by the search. Now, after rebuilding, even those are not shown anymore.

    Any idea what that happened there?


  • Did the reindexing complete? Probably not, and presumably there's an error message somewhere.

  • Im getting mixed signals...but you seem to be right, there is a error message.

    It says "reindexing complete", but in the left upper corner is a error message. Cant retrieve it though.

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  • Is there anything in the system log?

    If not please do a "view source" in your browser and see if you can fish the message out that way.

  • Thats what i got! Should there be more above?

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  • Please look in the application log in the app/log directory. It'll have the exception details.

  • It says:

    2022-11-10 3:24:32 - ERROR --> DatabaseException: MySQL server has gone away

  • That implies that your MySQL database is crashing. You should look at the mysql logs to hopefully see what the underlying issue is.

  • edited November 10

    MySQL Log says:

    2022-11-10 15:50:04 961 [Warning] Aborted connection 961 to db: 'fotomuseum' user: 'Baumecker' host: 'localhost' (Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes)

    Can I set the limit for the packet size somewhere?

  • In your mysql config set max_allowed_packet=512m (or some other suitably large number). Don't forget to restart mysql after you make the change.

  • Will do! Hope it does the trick :D

    Thank you so much for the support!

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