Dimensions not saving after decimal point

Hey everyone. We've discovered an issue wherein object dimensions only save the integer part of the value that is written in the form, while neither the decimal point nor the value after that are saved (wether comma or point is used). This seems to have started happening nine or ten days ago, with no correlated event that I could find that could be causing it.

All objects created before this time show decimal point information correctly, but now it seems there is no way to save the information. I'm currently using the Spanish locale (although the value is set to "not use locale") and the Units of Measurement option is "as entered".

Providence is 1.8

PHP 7.4.3

Thank you all in advance for your time!


  • Are you using a recently pulled version of 1.8? If not, when was the last pull?

  • I'm taking over from a different person who was handling the CA administration so I couldn't be completely sure, but I believe it was before November. I'll ask the person and get back to you if I find anything. Could it be that installing the latest code could fix it? If that's what you recommend let me know.


  • Let me try to reproduce this before you get too far into it.

  • Excellent, I've updated you via email regarding that and another issue we were checking out if it's helpful for you to investigate two things at once. You're golden mate.

  • I don't see this issue in current develop/1.8 code when using the es_ES (Spanish) locale, or English. Or German for that matter. You can give it a try on the demo (https://demo.collectiveaccess.org), which is running current code.


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