Searching on creation and modification dates filtering by user not working as expected

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Application version 1.8 Schema version 177 Type release GIT

I used to make a lot of use of the option to search objects etc. on creation and modification dates, filtering by user like: (modified.demo:"2016").

For a period of time I have not used this option.

In the meantime I updated my CollectivAccess version to 1.8.

Now I find that using the option gives strange results. No matter what user I apply, the search results are always the same number of objects etc.

It appears like the system cannot distiguish the different users.

In the demo sytem ( this behaviour does not appear so it seems to be related to my setup.

Does anyone have any clue what could cause this? (and how to fix it)


  • It seems to be locale related.

    I just changed my system setup from Dutch to English, and the results came back as expected.

    I will check my translation files

  • I have reverted to the original translations files with no results.

    Switching to English(en_US) or Belgium(nl_BE) I do get the expected results.

    What could be wrong with the dutch(nl_NL) localisation that causes this?

  • Just to confirm, you are using the same "modified" (in English) syntax no matter the locale?

  • Yes, I used "created" and "modified" as search terms in en_US, nl_NL and nl_BE.

    I get expected results in en_US and nl_BE.

    It worked fine in the past in nl_NL, but not anymore.

    Should I use the dutch (translated) terms instead?

    Then "created" would be "aangemaakt" and "modified" would be "gewijzigd" I assume.

  • I will in a while. I am coocking right now.

  • I just tried.

    Translated terms do not give the expected results.

  • It is not a big deal. I can switch to nl_BE to get the required results and still have a dutch translation.

    It is just that I am curious why it stopped working for nl_NL.

  • Me too. I'll try to reproduce the problem.

  • The issue does not occur in the demo system (as far as I can see).

    That would imply it could be related to my specific setup.

    But then why only when switching to locale nl_NL?

    The strange thing is: The messages.po files for nl_NL and nl_BE that I have currently installed are (exept for a different revision date) indentical.

    I am using the files from develop, downloaded on 27-04-2022.

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    I have just downloaded and installed the latest code from develop.

    Using the stock nl_NL and nl_BE files and a copy of my online profile and setup the results for searches comes out as expected if i set locale to Dutch (nl_NL) in my local test server.

    At the moment I am uploding the new code to my online test serverver. I will check tomorrow if results on that server also behave as expected and report the results.

  • thanks for testing this!

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    I can confirm the latest development code gives results as expected on my online testing server (with the stock nl_NL language file).

    I can also confirm the issue existed in all the previous 1.8 versions that I have tried, and did not occur in the last 1.7 version that I tried (1.7.11).

    The last thing to try is using a complete nl_NL translation file for the latest develop code.

    I will do that tomorrow.

  • The searsch results are still as expected after replacing the stock nl_NL file with a completed copy.

    So it seems irregularitys with search results in the latest development code.

  • When you write "completed copy" what do you mean? Are you running this with your own nl_NL locale files?

  • Yes, I used POEdit (and Transifex with the resource: app/locale/messages.pot (develop)) to translate all the lines.

    In this case I downloaded the completed translation from transifex and checked it one more time in POEdit.

    I did put the completed translation in a sub folder of the nl_NL folder called local.

  • Ok. I'll see about integrating that locale, as that's where the problem lies most likely.

  • I am sorry, I made an error in my previous post.

    I wrote: So it seems irregularitys with search results in the latest development code.

    That must be: So it seems there are no irregularitys with search results in the latest development code.

    The instruction to put my own translation in the subfolder nl_NL/local came from the old manual.

    I cannot find that info in the new manual.

    If the nl_NL/local folder is not used anymore, I assume the translation will fall back to the (stock) translation in nl_NL folder

  • Is there a problem to solver here or not?

  • No, not anymore, as far as I can see.

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