Is there a step by step tutorial for beginners?

Hi Everybody,

I wonder if there is a step-by-step tutorial somewhere to be guided through the process of adding something to Providence to showing up in Pawtucket.

I must admit I'm absolutely new to Collective Access and have no clue - but I feel, that CA is the right tool to manage our historical collections. So, our IT-Department installed Providence and Pawtucket. Now I wonder, why an Object that I added in Providence is not shown in Pawtucket. Do I need to make any major adjustments ( before objects are shown in pawtucket? Or ist there a specific box I have to check in order to make things visible? I just want to avoid to spend hours of the IT or me in figuring out what the problem is, whilst the solution would be very simple. So, any help is welcome! :)

Thank you! Best, Marcel


  • In many of the installations that I have worked on, you have two switches that need to say "Accessible to the Public" or "Restricted Public Access*" before being shown in Pawtucket2. Both under the item and under the media, you should look for the drop down menu called "Accessible to the Public." Under the basic DublinCore installation, I believe the menu is in Admin Info.

    Therefore, you can include items which are in the collection, but you do not have the copyright to, or items which are sensitive and not display them to the public. You can also have four different photographs of an item, but have it so that Pawtucket2 will display only one of them.

    *Restricted means that the user has to be signed into Pawtucket to see the image/file.

  • Thank you! I will give it a try!

  • So, at least the Objects can now be found using the advanced search. Browsing is another story. Pawtucket2 says "No facets available " for each of the browsing categories (Objects, Collections,...). How is a facet added? Something one can do in the Providence-Part? or do I have to define a facet by configuration?

    Thank you an sorry for the dumb questions!

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