Map and Timeline views

In browse mode it's posible to switch between the four different views: images, list, timeline and map. Is it possible to make all these views available also in Collections or in Galleries?


  • Hi,

    As far as I knows, timeline and maps are available in Browse menu but not in Collections nor Galleries.

    But you can redirect Collections menu to Browse --> Browse all Collections if you want.

    Galleries present arbitrary sets of objects (only). I see 2 options if you need a timeline for arbitrary sets of objects:

    1) You should create a new metadata called gallery with différents values (with the names of your galleries) applied to objects, then define if objects of your choice are in those "galleries". The public may browse these objects by this facet in the Browse menu, by timeline...

    2) Or, if you absolutly want to add the timeline function to galleries, you could read (or try to understand how this library is interfaced in Pawtucket) and see how to insert it to the Galleries list.

  • Maps and timelines are only in search/browse results. It would be possible to add them to galleries and/or collections, but it's not something we've done or plan to do soon.

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