Error in display of vocabularies

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I could create a custom vocabulary list "Keywords" which is displayed in the object detail page. But when I click on the displayed vocabularies there, it returns with errors. Please help.

My Application version is 1.7.17 and Schema revision is 158

1225 x 656 - 2M
1528 x 307 - 1M


  • Hi! I was having the same problem.

    This post helped a lot:

    The default template is not configured to support the <l> tag on terms. The instructions in the 3rd post in the above thread explain how to address this. Short version:

    1. modify your details.conf file (super easy)
    2. create a new details page for terms (easy enough but...)
    3. theme the details page to fit your needs (not exactly a trivial activity).
  • Thank you @Sizzly for this helpful response. This really worked. I am now struggling in the 3rd step of giving a decent shape to the newly created details page. I don't know how to make the displayed objects in this page properly aligned.

  • Yeah, that's always the trick.

    I'm still trying to sort out how I want to display this info - whether I want to use the browse pages as a base or the detail pages.

    Which one have you chosen?

  • @Sizzly : My apology for this delayed response as I was away from my workplace.

    In my case, I haven't sorted out this issue yet nut I am more inclined to have it in the details pages.

    Can you enlighten me on how I can make these details pages look like the way I want; especially aligning the contents?

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