existingRecordPolicy ignored in data import

I have spent several hours trying to update my data to add relationships between objects and entities. I have made several attempts to perform a mapping that allows me to add a type of relationship between objects and entities without success.

I have my installation configured to avoid duplicates and have tried several policies for existing data without success:




I have tried with another map and a dataset that includes the preferred labels of the objects, but it did not work either.

Exploring in the forums they said that it could be a bad declaration of the type identifiers, but "item" is correct for object and "ind" is equally correct for entities.

Any idea what is happening?

(our installed version is 1.8)


  • I assume the idno's match existing data? I just ran a subset of this on the demo.collectiveaccess.org site with success. (I changed the idno's on a couple of existing records to match the first two rows of your data). Data and mapping I used are attached. Changes in the mapping are highlighted in yellow. There are two changes in the mapping:

    1. Set existing record policy to merge_on_idno. This assumes that column 1 in your data matches idno's in existing records in your system.
    2. Added the ignoreTypeForExistingRecordPolicy setting to your mapping with value=1. By default, the existing record policy will match on idno (and/or preferred label) as well as type. This ensures that matching is accurate when identifiers are reused across different types of records, which happens a lot. You can disable this using ignoreTypeForExistingRecordPolicy and just do straight matching on idno. For my test on demo.collectiveaccess.org this was required (there's no "item" type on that system, and I didn't feel like adding on). I'm guessing that in your system, the record you're matching aren't actually of type "item". Perhaps they are, I have no way of knowing, but give it a try with this option set and see if helps.

    Run this mapping with debugging-level logging enabled. If this doesn't work, take a close look at the logs. If you can't discern the problem from them post them here or if you don't want them public send them to support@collectiveaccess.org.

  • Also, here's a starter importer template with all 1.8 mapping level settings in place and described. Perhaps that will be helpful.

  • Thanks for your help Seth. You bring me a lot of insights to make my import. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful :( I cannot make it work with any configuration possible. I enabled the debugging-level logging but there's no messages (no errors, no warnings....) At this momment, I'm afraid this could be our installation. Could be possible, maybe, that our Schema revision is 180?

  • Being at revision 180 is not the problem. I'd have to look at your setup to tell you anything more.

  • Sure :) I'm sharing with you the configuration as it is exported from the ExportConfiguration tool and a screenshot of our ConfigurationCheck

    I hope you can see something that's causing this problem.

  • Well, I thought it could be the locale. I changed to en_US in the importer but it has no effect :(

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    I've had the same problem in 1.8 while i was trying to import relationships between objects and entities using a "^3" for the relationship type.

    The mapping: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CPZCzS1WoQxKX-8PtXycakapZS4P6bZ0AnVP1UyVO3Y/edit#gid=2147344053

    The test data:

    1,Leo Isaias Kremer,owner

    The log: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FmORKPCHqT7KKkUwoWKuAIMrVvxpR9rLxys_EIdI5O4/edit?usp=share_link

  • This part of the log is strange:

    [ca_entities] => Array
                [0] => Array
                        [_type] => [individual]
                        [_relationship_type] => owner
                        [preferred_labels] => Array
                                [surname] => owner
                                [forename] => 
                                [middlename] => 
                                [displayname] => owner
                                [prefix] => 
                                [suffix] => 
                        [idno] => owner
                        [_matchOn] => Array
                                [0] => labels
                        [_errorPolicy] => ignore

    It reads the relationshipType following ^3 but then it is used for other elements.

  • It looks like you're mismapping something. I'll try to look into this further soon.

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