objectrepresentationsplitter with multi images

I have problems with multi images in my import data. See import file. There are 3 filenames of photos in this file. All starting with DSC. The import rules are simple see next file. What I see in the database is that I don´t get the original filenames en that only the first file is saved in the database. The other files give an error messages. See the last file. What am I doing wrong with my objectrepresentation refinery in the import rules file. Please help me


  • Make sure you are setting the representation idno in the splitter to something.

  • Seth, I put in the splitter a idno, but this make no difference. I looks that the object identifier and the media representation identifier for all the tree images are the same, and that this gives the problems. Is there a method that can let increase the representation identifier for a new image in the splitter.

  • If a leave name out of the splitter all images are read, but the representation identifier is then the name of the image. And there name of the original file name is then empty.

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