Dropdown menus aren't working properly

Hi, I'm using pawtucket 1.7.16 along with firefox browser in Ubuntu 20.04.

The issue I'm having is that I tried to change the style of bRefine ('Filter by' panel) from list to dropdown menu, as shown in the image below. The attempt was successful... Until I noticed that even after clicking an option, no filter keyword is applied to the search result. It works properly if I remove <select> code from the php file. I attached the code in the pictures. What I just added to the file is changing <H5> to <label>, added <select>, and changed <div> to <option>. I believe <select> is causing the problem; after hours of troubleshooting this code, I simply removed select and the filter was properly applied , but not with the dropdown menus I wanted to see. Changing the code to use Bootstrap dropdown menus resulted in even more mess. Can anyone help me in troubleshooting this issue?

854 x 213 - 25K
855 x 209 - 14K
1834 x 512 - 110K
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