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I want to know how to Customize the front page [ home page ] of Pawtucket is there guidance or Documentation for it, for example, I want to remove the slider and put static image. and customize sections.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    Go to pawtucket/themes/default/views/Front directory. (It is a good idea to make a copy of default directory in case of bad modification...)

    Edit the file front_page_html.php to custom this page.

    Comment (with a #) or delete the following line to remove the slider:

    print $this->render("Front/featured_set_slideshow_html.php");

    Comment (with a #) or delete the following line to remove the Galleries:

       print $this->render("Front/gallery_set_links_html.php");

    To customise sections, you can search in configurations files in pawtucket/themes/default/conf/app.conf and front.conf.

    Take a look also in pawtucket/conf directory.

    The documentation is here:

  • Hi darrigan, is it possible to make the login form pop-in in the home page / landing page of the pawtucket ?

  • Hi Parasmoni,

    What you suggest seems to be the default mode, in my case. The login form appears in a pop-in window (see the screen capture).

    Isn't it your case?

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  • @darrigan: I tried in my default theme. But this is not happening in your way. In my case, the pop-up window appears only when I click on 'Login' in the top-right corner of the nav bar. But I want it in your way.

  • @darrigan: I have found one option. In the pawtucket/app/conf/app.conf file I have made the following configuration:

    # users must be logged in to access site
    pawtucket_requires_login = 1

    After this, I have got what I wanted. But instead of the pop-up window, it opens as the entire page [see image].

    This will do my purpose. But yours one is aesthetically better.

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    Try to check the file pawtucket/themes/your_theme/views/pageFormat/pageHeader.php and see if you find somewhere the LoginReg word in a line like this:

    <a href='#' onclick='caMediaPanel.showPanel(\"".caNavUrl($this->request, '', 'LoginReg', 'LoginForm', array())."\"); return false;' 

    This line should made the pop-in window through the onclick directive.

    (Which version of Pawtucket do you have?)

  • My Pawtucket2 version is: 1.7.9 and this line is there in the pageHeader.php file.

    Yet, the pop-up window does not appear in my case in my homepage automatically. It comes only when I click on the user icon at the top-right corner and then click on the "Login" link of the pop-up menu [see image].

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    But it's the same in my case: we have to click on the connection menu and select the connection to get this context menu!

    And that seems normal to me because not everyone visiting the site needs to log in...

    So in your case you would like to have the pop-in window every time until the visitor logs in? I think this will offend many visitors!

    If you really want that, you have to trigger the pop-in window when the front page is loading, if user is not logged in.

    To do, you have to include an onload javascript directive into the <body> html tag.

    Find this <body> tag and replace it with this code:

          if (!$this->request->config->get('dont_allow_registration_and_login') || $this->request->config->get('pawtucket_requires_login')) {
             echo "<body onload='caMediaPanel.showPanel(\"";
             echo caNavUrl($this->request, '', 'LoginReg', 'LoginForm', array());
             echo "\"); return false;' >";
          } else {
             echo "<body>";         

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    Well... this code will trigger the pop-in menu on each page... that's very harrasing! 😂

    So... Don't touch the <body> tag in the pageHeader.php file, but go to the Front/front_page_html.php and just before the first <div> tag, insert this:

         if (!$this->request->config->get('dont_allow_registration_and_login') || $this->request->config->get('pawtucket_requires_login')) {
            echo "<body onload='caMediaPanel.showPanel(\"";
            echo caNavUrl($this->request, '', 'LoginReg', 'LoginForm', array());
            echo "\"); return false;' ></body><body>";

    Maybe it is a little bit "pig mode"... but it works! 😂

    Try and see if it's OK for you...

  • I tested your suggested method which worked partially. But a user can close the popup window and still can access the pages. As our policy decision is not to open the site for all, I have realized that the pawtucket_requires_login = 1 option in the pawtucket/app/conf/app.conf is the best-suited way for me.

    Many thanks for generous helps which have made me to understand several stuffs of this software.

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