Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails


Clean installation of providence 1.8 / pawtucket2. After the installation i created one object with the basic information (Object identifier, Title, Image).

Searching for the object in pawtucket Objects Advance Search i get this error:

(you can also find the error in the attached image)

Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`defprovidence`.`ca_search_log`, CONSTRAINT `ca_search_log_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`user_id`) REFERENCES `ca_users` (`user_id`)) in /home/collective/public_html/default/pawtucket2/app/lib/Db/mysqli.php line 316:

In Db_mysqli->execute() in DbStatement line 151

At DbStatement->executeWithParamsAsArray() in Db line 261

At Db->query() in Searchlog line 58

At Searchlog->log() in SearchEngine line 373

At SearchEngine->doSearch() in ObjectSearch line 50

At ObjectSearch->search() in BrowseEngine line 2515

At BrowseEngine->execute() in BaseBrowse line 48

At BaseBrowse->execute() in SearchController line 353

At SearchController->__call() in RequestDispatcher line 273

At RequestDispatcher->dispatch() in AppController line 113

At AppController->dispatch() in index line 124

Request parameters:

_formName => caAdvancedSearch

form_timestamp => 1677057586

_fulltext => Title of the object

_fulltext_label => Keywords

ca_objects_preferred_labels_name =>

ca_objects_preferred_labels_name_label => Name

ca_objects_idno =>

ca_objects_idno_label => Object identifier

ca_objects_type_id =>

ca_objects_type_id_label => Type

ca_objects_date_dates_value =>

ca_objects_dates_dates_value_label =>

ca_collections_preferred_labels =>

ca_collections_preferred_labels_label => Collection names (from related collections)

_advancedFormName => objects

_formElements => form|_fulltext||ca_objects.idno|ca_objects.type_id|ca_objects.dates.dates_value|ca_collections.preferred_labels|/form

_advanced => 1

Can you please suggest a solution or maybe documentation i overlooked?

Thanks for all the support, Christos Semertzidis

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