Displaying two fields of representation metadata in pawtucket doesn't work


We would like to display the metadata of images in the default theme in pawtucket. So we edited the file /var/www/html/ca/pawtucket/themes/default/conf/detail.conf and added the following lines:

representationViewerCaptionTemplate = <div class='small'>^ca_object_representations.preferred_labels.name</div>

// for displaying preferred labels field


representationViewerCaptionTemplate = <div class='small'>^ca_object_representations.origin_code</div>

// for displaying the new field we created from scratch, named origin_code.

We cannot display both fields simultaneously but only one per time is displayed in the frontend. Is there a limitation we have to configure to display both fields ?

Thank you in advance.


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    If you do that, the second assignation of representationViewerCaptionTemplate will replace the first one.

    But you can display both metadata like this:

    representationViewerCaptionTemplate = <div class='small'>Name: ^ca_object_representations.preferred_labels.name - Origin code: ^ca_object_representations.origin_code</div>

    or, if you need to test if one metadata is not empty:

    representationViewerCaptionTemplate = <div class='small'>Name: ^ca_object_representations.preferred_labels.name
    <ifdef code="ca_object_representations.origin_code"><br>Origin code: ^ca_object_representations.origin_code</ifdef></div>

  • Thank you! It worked!

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