Upgrading from Mysql 5.7 to mysql 8

Hello, i want to upgrade my mysql server since this year is getting deprecated. I want to know if there is some pain free solution to this.

I checked all the tables to see if they are compatible with mysql 8.0 and all were OK. Then i dumped the mysql 5.7 db and Imported it in the new mysql 8 server. When i loaded CA again all seem to work just fine. The problem began when i tried to save (with no real changes to) already existing records with links ocurrences and entities (e.g exhibitions and curators).

I got the following errors:

Entity id % is invalid for element <metada_element_eg>

Ocurrence id % is invalid for element <metada_element_eg>

I tried to fix it all day long. the most notorious thing i saw was that after changing databases. the entity/ocurrence id was printed next to the entity/ocurrence name, for example.

In field Curator: John Smith [18], Exhibition: Big Exhibition [9].

But no matter what i introduced in those fields the problem persisted.

I appreciate your help so much. (I am Attaching the error file, its in Spanish, but the relevant part i already translated it above)


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