Media importer and matching preexisting objects


I am trying to bulk import images using the bulk import tool and match them to pre-existing objects as object representations of the matched objects. So far I have not been successful in matching the media to the objects. Do I need to create an Excel file of object representation data in order for matching to work?

The image filenames share the idno of the object records up until a point. For instance, the object record idno is 2014.001.002 and the image filename is 2014.001.002_1,jpg. In the batch import media tool, I am selecting "Match using file name where identifier starts with value." I was hoping this would match the start of the filename and basically ignore the appended _1, _2, etc. Is this partial matching condition configured elsewhere?

I am attaching my import mapping spreadsheet for ca_objects. It includes mapping rules for ca_object_representations where I am also using the objectRepresentationSplitter and using refinery parameters to match the filenames to the object idno (or I had hoped it did this).

I would appreciate any help!

Thank you,



  • Sorry, I should have included this info in my original post:

    We are using version 1.7.9 and I'm accessing it with Chrome version 110.0.5481.105. This issue pertains to Providence.



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