Fatal Error on Searching for "New "

We've started to see an error with certain search phrases in both providence and pawtucket. If we search for things like "new york" or "new school" it returns an error (The table 'ca_sql_search_phrase_8b272455447bb70830c165de38062b58' is full). It only happens with these terms in quotations. This is a recent change in behavior and doesn't occur in our dev instance, which has an older version of the DB.

You can see the full error here: https://digital.archives.newschool.edu/index.php/MultiSearch/Index?search=%22new+school%22



  • What versions are you using? The older search engine create a temporary table for phrase searches, and if your mysql install caps temporary table size you can get this error.

  • We're on v1.7.13 for production, but testing out 1.7.16 on dev. Maybe that's why the dev site isn't having the same problem.

  • In case anyone is reading this in the future, we solved this issue by updating to v.1.7.17 and updating two MySQL 8 global variables. We upped the size for 'tmp_table_size' and 'max_heap_table_size'.

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