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I wonder if it is possible to rename the CA root folder after everything is installed properly on a successful instance of CA! 

I beg to describe my scenario at length here. For a specific project of mine, I had installed and configured the CA and Pawtucket on a Linux OS on one Hyper-V Virtual Machine.  I was satisfied with the results of the various customization I made, both for the CA and the Pawtucket. 

Now, I want to replicate this setup exactly in the same configuration for another project. I am aware that I could have exported the configurations of the existing setup into an XML file and used it in the fresh installation of CA for my 2nd project. But since I want to retain the various customization of the Pawtucket as well, I therefore duplicated the entire VM and created a 2nd instance of my CA + Pawtucket setup. The 2nd instance worked perfectly. But the moment I renamed the CA root folder (which is a requirement), the landing page returned error, stating that the “…./media/collectiveaccess folder does not have the write permission for the web server” and that I should enable user of the web server with write permission. Let me also state that I have updated the various paths and the root folder configuration in the global.conf file to suit my new folder name of the CA. I have also accorded chmod -R 777 permission to the entire CA directory with its new name. Despite that, the configuration error on the landing page is still persisting.  

I will be grateful if I receive expert advice on this. Is there any other way to duplicate the Pawtucket configurations? (which include customization of various .php and .conf files in addition to the .css one).


  • Hi Parasmoni,

    Don't you forget to update the setup.php file? At this line, you should put the right path to your providence directory:

       define("__CA_URL_ROOT__", "/your_providence");

    If you choosed to move or rename the media directory contained in the providence directory, and only in this case, you may modifiy the global.conf at lines:

    ca_media_url_root = <ca_url_root>/media/<app_name>


    ca_media_root_dir = <ca_base_dir>/media/<app_name>

    Pawtucket directory can be moved outside of the providence directory. (I made this in my case to have shorter URLs and separate the both) If you do so, you'll have to edit the setup.php file in pawtucket part, and set:

    define("__CA_URL_ROOT__", "/your_pawtucket");

    Alse you'll need to set the new path to media directory if you moved/renamed it, by editing the global.conf file of pawtucket part.

    Hope you'll enjoy!

  • Hi darrigan

    Thank you for your response.

    I have a fully working setup of Providence and Pawtucket. I found that there is no line like define("__CA_URL_ROOT__", in the setup.php either of providence or pawtucket. I have kept the pawtucket in the root folder of the localhost and my providence is inside the pawtucket. And it is working fine that way. The error occurs only when I rename the localhost root folder. After renaming, I took care of the other few changes you have mentioned, such as updating of the global.conf. But the error of write permission of the media/collectiveaccess refuses to go away.

    It seems I shall have to go for a fresh installation of providence and pawtucket for my 2nd project.

  • Sorry, I misunderstood your request... I've no idea what's going wrong.

  • Hi darrigan,

    Let me try to describe my problem once more last. My providence and pawtucket are working fine now and they are placed in a linux localhost with the following directory structure :


    This makes my site's home page (CA landing page) available nicely in the browser with this address (URL): localhost/pawtucket.

    Now, if for some reason I change the name of the directory pawtucket to pawtucket2 what should I do to keep my site running? My experience so far is that, after renaming the folder pawtucket to pawtucket2and updating the ca_media_url_root and ca_main_root_dir in the global.conf accordingly, my site does not open. It gives errors of write permission of media/collectiveaccess folder. Kindly note that I have not made any other change, but changed the name of the pawtucket folder only. My intention is to make my site address localhost/pawtucket2 instead of localhost/pawtucket.

    My apology that I could not perhaps describe my bizarre problem properly.

  • Ok, so which values did you put for ca_media_url_root and ca_main_root_dir ?

    And you said you have no define("__CA_URL_ROOT__", "/your_providence"); in the setup.php of providence or anywhere?

    Could you try to add this line somewhere in the setup.php:

    define("__CA_URL_ROOT__", "/pawtucket2/providence");

    and see if it changes the error?

  • Thank you darrigan, I will definitely explore this option. But now I have already done a fresh installation of the CA.

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