Status in Filter (new field) in Browse Page

Hi Seth

We are looking for a new filter (custom field added as Status Filter) on the Browse page. What setting will allow us to filter products using a custom field/list.


  • Hi,

    1. Do you ask this only to Seth?
    2. You posted it in "Pawtucket's help" but it seems you ask for Browse page in Providence, right?
  • In Providence, edit the file app/browse.conf, go in the

    ca_objects = {
       facets = {

    part, and add the following block at the position you wish it appears (replace your_status_filter by the code of the corresponding field):

          status_filter = {
             type = fieldList,
             field = your_status_filter,
             group_mode = none,
             label_singular = _("Status Filter"),
             label_plural = _("Status Filter")

    This assume that your new field correspond to a list of terms.

  • No, This is open for anyone who can help. i have worked with Seth in the past, so addressing it to him.

    I tried the code above and it still doesnt show the field yet. Am I missing anything?

  • Did you flush the cache? Delete files inside /app/tmp

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