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I am trying to create a user in Providence that will be able to make object searches and see all the object screens and metadata without being able to edit them. Is it possible?

I created a researcher role where i have given read-only access to all the object metadata elements and in the actions tab i enabled the "Search objects" and "Browse objects".

Ia assigned the role to a test user but he can only see the summary tab.

The read-only access means access only to the summary? How can i give read-only access to all object metadata screens?

I am using CollectiveAccess 1.8.

Thank you!

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  • I manage to figure out how to do it!

    1. Allow the user role to edit the objects.
    2. In the metadata tab, give read-only access to all metadata fields.

    In this way, the user can see all the metadata fields and screens but cannot edit them.

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