Location in Collection Hierarchy not showing objects


This is actually a Providence question. We did an update awhile back and now objects are not appearing with collections in the Location in Collection Hierarchy bundle. I added a screenshot of the objects detail page where you can see that the related collection is not appearing.

From a collection detail page, the collection (and series) is appearing in correct hierarchical order, but the related objects are not visible. Screenshot also included. Thank you!


  • Hi kmartine,

    My first thought is, that your configuration was done directly in the app/conf directly, rather than the app/conf/local. So when the upgrade was done it has overwritten all your local system configurations, include the one that makes the collection and object records belong to the same hierarchy.

    If you can go and check the app/conf directory and see if there is a local directory there with configuration files, then see if there is a setting(s) inside a file in app/conf/local

    such as

    ca_objects_x_collections_hierarchy_enabled = 1
    ca_objects_x_collections_hierarchy_relationship_type =
    ca_objects_x_collections_hierarchy_disable_object_collection_idno_inheritance =

    If not, then this would be your issue and you'll need to set these in the local configuration.



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