Thumbnail image of HD videos

I have found that the thumbnail/preview images of uploaded video files are not available for HD video files. For such videos, the browser shows videoIcon400.jpg icon image of the pawtucket. However, for low-resolution videos, the browser shows real representative image of the video content as thumbnails. See the screenshot.

Is there any way to create thumbnails for HD videos?

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  • May I expect some help in this regard? I tried with several video resolutions and sizes, such as, 1920x1080, 1280x720, 720x576, etc. But none of these generated thumbnails of the videos, though video plays correctly in all these configurations.

    I suspect, the tweaking needs to be done in the media_processing.conf. Is there any guideline somewhere regarding the generation of thumbnails for uploaded video files?

  • Hi,

    Did you checked in Manage - Administration - Configuration check, that "Video" plugins have the status "Available"?

  • CA uses ffmpeg to generate previews. You should make sure the ffmpeg you have installed supports the "HD" video files you are uploading.

  • Hi darrigan and seth, thank you for your responses. ffmpeg is installed in my system. I have uploaded here the screenshot of my configuration. I will be grateful if you can have a look at it and suggest me further.

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    I don't see anything wrong here... Could you send media_processing.conf file here?

  • Darrigan, sorry to ask this naive question: how can I upload that file? I tried, but here it says "Uploaded file type is not allowed"!

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    Good question 😄 may be it considers text file as malicious... Put your file somewhere, like with and give us the link.

    Or copy/past text in Word, make a pdf...

    Also, send a short video file (or a link) for which preview doen't work for you, I can try in my Providence to see if preview works fine or not.

    (As we have no private messages here, go to LinkedIn and accept my contact 😉)

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    In another post (, Seth said:

    CA will extract preview frames. The number and frequency are set in the app.conf file. If ffmpeg cannot extract frames for some reason, usually related to the frame size and/or aspect ratio of the video vs. the preview frame, you'll get the icon. Since ffmpeg is something of a moving target, it is sometimes possible to get preview frames to work when they previously hadn't by varying the parameters CA uses.

    I tried to change the format of the short video you sent to me, to see if it works, but not yet success.

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