How to translate browse --> objects in the menu


I have translated in poedit the messages.po of the /pawtucket/themes/default/locale/el_GR but in the menu under the browse i still see the english Objects and People/Orgs. Only the collections are being displayed in greek (see the attached screenshot).

Also, i didn't find lines for the objects and People/Orgs in messages.po.

Where can i translate them?

I am using Pawtucket2 version 1.7.16.

Thank you in advance!

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    Check the themes/your_themes/app/browse.conf file and see if you have:

          displayName = _(Objects),

          labelSingular = _("Object"),

           labelPlural = _("Objects"),

    (Check also for People/Orgs).

    And in your message.po, check if there is "Objects" entry, and if not, you can add it with corresponding greek translation. (And also others missing words.)

    Or maybe, try to replace the _(...) function by _t(...) function.

    Don't forget to flush the cache files.

    Is it working after that?

    In last solution, you can write the greek translation directly in the browse.conf:

         displayName = _(Aντικείμενα),

          labelSingular = _("αντικείμενo"),

           labelPlural = _("αντικείμενα"),

    (Sorry for my greek!)

  • I added to messages.po a new line for "Objects" with the greek translation and it appeared in the menu!

    Thank you very much @darrigan!

    PS. Your greek is perfect 😉

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