Language as ISO 693 in oai-pmh


I use a list to chose a language to describe aspects of an object. The list items have as preferred label the language written in english.

In the oai-pmh i also like to export the iso693 code. The code is the list item work code.

Is there a methode to export the code AND the preferred label?

For the preferred label i use:

{ "context": "ca_objects.msLanguage","template":"^ca_objects.msLanguage.msLanguageName"}

and it works fine.

I would think that something like "template":"^ca_objects.msLanguage.msLanguageName.idno" would work. Alas.

There are many fields with a language value and there are many languages so replacements in the oai schema are my last resort.

Collective Access 1.7

Code snippets from the json output as attachments.

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    I think that you cannot get idno through the metadata msLanguageName, because it is not a container, right?

    Have you tried ^ca_objects.msLanguage.idno ?

  • The ^ca_objects.msLanguage.msLanguageName.idno construct would work in 1.8.

    ^ca_objects.msLanguage.idno will never work, as that's the address of the container, not the specific list element.

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