Hyphens removed from URL after updating to Pawtucket 1.7.16


We are having trouble with objects which have hyphens in the Object ID (https://digital.archives.newschool.edu/index.php/Detail/objects/SB_01-92_Conversations_of_the) after updating to 1.7.16

After testing, I've realized that the hyphen characters seems to be ignored completely. I can add hyphens to any part of the URL path after index.php and the page will load. For example, both of these links load the correct item despite adding multiple hyphens to the URL (this only works for Pawtucket URLs):

We recently updated from 1.7.13 to 1.7.16. For Pawtucket we've pulled from the branch tagged 1.7.16 and not master. I have both versions installed on the same server and simply change the Apache document root to move between the two versions. In the old version, we don't have this issue. It only happens in the new version despite the server settings being unchanged. The .htaccess files for pawtucket are identical as well and I've tried with both clean URLs enabled and disabled. It happens with our custom theme and the default theme.

Is there something I'm missing in the config files which would explain this? We are on PHP 7.4.33 and MySQL 8.0.26. What am I missing?


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