Outputting type data w/ entities


So, I'm trying to get the summary display in Objects Editing to display not only the entity name, but the selection I make regarding the role. I've created a drop-down with different roles (maker, designer, retailer) through the relationshipTable ca_objects_x_entities (using "type code="value") and ideally would want this to display in the summary. I'm working with a modified installation of the KressNGA profile so I can see (I think) where this information should go, in displays / object_summary:

     <setting name="format"><![CDATA[<l>^ca_entities.preferred_labels</l>]]></setting>

I'm just not sure precisely how to describe / name this information. Is it an attribute? A relationship type? Is this Is it something I can even add?

I'm trying to configure this so entities can be distinguished by role, so that I can connect multiple roles to a single entity. Does that make sense? In essence, I want a single entry for the entity Picasso but the ability to make him designer, maker, or owner depending on the object being cataloged.

As always, any help is much appreciated.




  • Hi,

    This information is called the "relationship type".

    I don't know if it will exactly correspond to what you expect, but here is the way to display entities related to an object, with the type of relationship:

    <unit relativeTo="ca_entities">^ca_entities.preferred_labels (^relationship_typename)<br></unit>

    Of course you can assign more than one type of relationship between an object and an entity, and that makes sens.

    Imagine that Picasso takes a selfi, signed it and send it to you (you'd be lucky!). You could define these types of relationship between this picture and entity "Picasso": "appears in", "is a gift from", "signed by".

    so you should have:

    Picasso (appears in)

    Picasso (is a gift from)

    Picasso (signed by)

  • Darrigan! Hot damn! It works. That's awesome. Thank you. It's absolutely what I wanted in the summary to differentiate roles between different people.



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