Adding a Source to List Terms


I am trying to record the source(s) of list terms.

Working in the demo site, I have done the following.

1) Added the names of sources of terms to "list_item_sources".

As a test, I added two sources (in addition to the inbuilt “local”): “Art and Architecture Thesaurus” and “ISO 629-3”. [Presumably the demo site will only retain my additions for a short period].

(See attachment 1).

2) Added the element “List item Source” to the UI > List item editor > Basic info

(See attachment 2).

The Problems

When I try to add one of these sources to a term in a list, say, artwork_class > printmaking, for example:

not all the sources show (“Art and Architecture Thesaurus” is absent), and

the element cannot be changed ("ISO 629-3" has been selected, and cannot be changed to anything else, e.g. "local").

(See attachment 3).


Any suggestions on why this is not working?

Are there other important steps that I have missed?

Any suggestions on a better way to record the source of list terms?

With thanks,


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