Editing Existing Object Lots with Import

Good morning,

I've created object lots as part of my ca_objects import in order to get everything related and it seems to work fine. What I would like to do–once these lots are created–is to add additional information to them using a spreadsheet and importer. I've cleared a couple of hurdles in the setup (type and lot_status_id which were already specified in the creation of these lots) but now when I start the import everything stalls: no errors, but no progress either.

I'm using 1.7.17 (158) and often find myself struggling to get this up and running with the documentation provided. I'm attaching a file, but I'll warn you: it's probably a mess. It might be less so had I found a functioning object lot importer to work from (I did not) and essentially I'm left trying random tweaks to the importer to see if something will work.

Any help is appreciated.



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