How to Modify a profil ? Comment modifier un profil ?


Forgive me for this question but I am a beginner. To modify a profile to adapt it to its

needs it is necessary to modify the XML profile with an editor then to make a reinstallation? Is it possible to modify it after installation? If yes, how?

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Pardonnez moi cette question mais je suis débutant. Pour modifier un profil pour l'adapter à ses besoins il faut bien modifier le profil XML avec un éditeur puis faire une réinstallation ? Le modifier après installation est possible ? Si oui, comment?

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  • Bonjour/hello Olivier,

    On peut installer CA, puis ajouter des métadonnées, personnaliser les interfaces utilisateurs, etc., en cours d'utilisation. On peut exporter la configuration pour l'importer dans une nouvelle installation si besoin. (Je n'ai jamais testé l'export/import de configuration car je n'en avais pas eu le besoin pour l'instant.)

    [One can install CA and then add metadata, customize user interfaces, etc. while in use. You can export the configuration to import it into a new installation if necessary. (I never tested the export/import of configuration because I had not had the need for it for the moment.)]

  • I have tested the export/import of a configuration before and now it works smoothly. You simply add the file to the folder for installation profiles and chose it from the drop down menu.

    As a side note, if you are restoring a backup you do not have to go through the installation process because restoring the file will recreate all of the user's custom features.

    I remember a couple years ago needing to change some details in the xml config file. First off, if the profile name in the setup.php file has not been change, then you might need to change it in the xml file so it will show up as an option in the drop down menu. The other detail was having to go through and use replace to swap my user name with "administrator" as the system would stall because it could not find my user name. However, I did not have to swap my name out the last time I created a test database which is a great quality of life improvement.

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