Dynamic Lists and Vocabuary in providence?

Dear community,

I'm looking in there is a way to improve list fulfill. I have field called "Theme" with static item. Each time we realize the item is missing, we need to save the current object, go to Manage, Dynamic Lists and add the item.

Is there a way to manage list exactly like we can create on fly locations ?


  • In your UserInterface you would have a related vocabulary bundle (instead of a metadata element of type list) and select which one to use. Then it would act the same as locations. However the cataloguer would need permission to add new vocabulary terms and the list you're using will need to be marked a a vocabulary.

    Another way (and this will only work for a new install) is to have a metadata element text field with the option 'suggest existing values'. This will act like a list, but it's not a list and good for things like tags, keywords etc that can grow a lot of terms that you don't need to control user input on.

  • Dear Monica,

    Many thanks for your help.

    I choosen the first option as my database already contains data. I guess I'm pretty close. Here the step I followed.

    1. Manage -> List and vocabularies -> Select the concerned list -> Defined "Use as vocabulary": Yes
    2. Manage -> Administration -> User Interfaces -> Edit the concerned objects editor -> Edit the concerned screen -> Drag and drop "Related vocabulary terms" -> and set "Restrict to list" with my concerned list.

    So now I can see in my form the list and can select without problem. But no option to quickly add item despite I'm Administrator.

    I also tried to disable "Use hierarchy browser", so this change the list to searchable field, but search is not working for me, and I don't have option to create item like Location does.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks !!


  • Make sure you don't have 'disable quick add?' selected and you have selected a restrict to relationship type. And double check permissions. By default you should have the ability to do quick add if it's not disabled.

    For the look ahead search, does it give you back anything if you hi spacebar 3 times?

    If this still isn't working, what version are you using?

  • For some reason, the search is now working, hits spacebar 3 times effectively returns the whole list.

    But unfortunatelly, there is still no option to do quick add. "Read only?" is still untick and "Disable quick add?" is also untick.

    I'm running version 1.7.13 of providence.

  • I done a small hack of source code, and it seems this is manager in file app/lib/BaseLookupController.php.

    After adding the following line:


    This is returning the required permission can_quickadd_ca_list_items, but it seems this is missing from list of permissions.

    I added then the following block in to app/conf/user_actions.conf

                can_quickadd_ca_list_items = {

                    label = _("Quick add list"),

                    description = _("Allow user to quick add list")


    Then the form return "Create?" when searching something missing, but this is not doing anything.

    I guess something is definitely broken with this feature.

  • It sounds like you might need to do an upgrade. version 1.7.13 is rather old now. The newest 1.7 version is 1.7.17

    I am using the dev/php8 branch which will become version 2 and quick add list items works as expected. In the access roles actions, under lists and vocabularies there is 'quick add list items' permission, so I can only assume this was a bug that has been fixed.

  • If it's really important to you we can do a patch for 1.7

  • This is the commit that introduced the ability to quick add list items. https://github.com/collectiveaccess/providence/commit/69a80fd070f01e257a259951dd5cd7d5ae5ae6a6 This was 2 years ago into version 1.8

  • Many thanks, I didn't realized there was new version 1.8 in branch (it's not visible in release page on github). I tested with this version and it's much better, I can create new items now.

    Thanks again !

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