export data of datatype="StorageLocations"

In an export mapping dedicated to ca_objects I need to export the metadata related to a pseudo-relationship (of datatype="StorageLocations").

How do I call this metadata in the "source" column of the excel? I have tried multiple solutions, referencing the metadata element code, then changing the context to ca_storage_locations using ca_storage_locations.preferred_labels.name as source , but no method works...

Thanks for help


  • A reference like that is accessed with it's bundle name such as ca_objects.location. You can't then drill into the record it references with unit, as it's not a real relationship.

  • Thank you very much Monica,

    in my case the metadata element with datatype="StorageLocations", whose element code is "collocazione_specifica2" is part of the container "collocazione_precedente". I therefore refer to this metadata element, in the source column of the export mapping, as


    The xml into which I extract (I call the relevant XML node <Collocazione_specifica> ) correctly sees that there are two elements in CA (i.e. 2 locations) and correctly separates them with ";", but it remains empty. The extraction results as follows:


    I understand that a pseudo-relation does not point to a record type ca_storage_locations, but is there any way to get some data from the pseudo-relation (e.g. a name, or an idno) so that the element is not left empty?

    Many thanks

  • Do the storage locations have a value in the preferred labels field? It should be using this as far as I understand. What shows in the field on the CA UI?

  • The location names should be showing up, but perhaps this is a problem with the exporter. What version (or branch) are you running?

  • Hi Seth, i am using an old CA instance (1.6) and I think it is an exporter problem. We will import those data manually, thanks

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