import mapping: text and uri of an information service element

In an import mapping to a metadata element information service (wikidata) I can import the text but not the uri (see screenshot).

I know the url, but how can I write it to the relevant element?

Assuming my wikidata metadata element is called "hs_wikidata_ME" I tried writing the uri by entering in the import mapping, in the CA table_element column, the target: ca_objects.hs_wikidata_ME.uri

but that doesn't work...

I also have a similar problem on geonames elements. I have the correctly extracted data 

 <GeoName>ADM2, Venice, VE, Italy, EU [45.44045,12.32632] id:3164600</GeoName>

But when I try to write the it into my element, which code in this case is "ca_objects.cons_place_CN.geonames",

after the import the geonames element comes up empty....

Many thanks


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