Exclude some Container Sub-elements from Advanced Search Forms


When a container is added to a search form, all sub-elements are included on the form.

I am wanting to exclude/hide some container sub-elements from search forms.

For example, in the demo site: I would like to be able to see and search on the "Condition" sub-elements:

Condition Status

Evaluation Date

But, I dont want the following sub-element appearing on the search form:

Condition Description (condition_remarks)

This is what I have tried.

In the metadata elements, I have set the following.

condition (condition_description)

"Can be used in search form" is ticked.

And the same is done for the sub-elements that I want to be visible in the search form:

condition_description > condition_line1 > Condition Status (condition_value) [List]

condition_description > condition_line1 > Evaluation Date (condition_date) [DateRange]

"Can be used in search form" is ticked.

On the other hand, for both:

condition_description > condition_line2

condition_description > condition_line2 > Condition Description (condition_remarks) [Text]

"Can be used in search form" is unticked.

And, in a new search form ("advanced search TEST"), "condition" is added to "Items to search".

I hoped that after doing this - with "Can be used in search form" unticked - the Condition Description (condition_remarks) sub-element would not appear on the search form.

But, all elements still appear on the form. (See attached image.)

Am I misunderstanding how "Can be used in search form" is meant to work?

If so, how can I exclude specific sub-elements from a search form?

With thanks for any suggestions,


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