Help opening db first time

I loaded ca-providence on my 3rd party server, modified the setup.php file but can't seem to get to the login page to open the db. I get a 404 'not found' message. Here's the path:

Suggestions? Thanks


  • BTW, Mysql db (blank) also done.

  • You need to give a lot more information than this.

    What type of 3rd party server is this? Shared Hosting, vps etc. And what access do you have to it.

    What Webservice is it using, have you edited the config for this?

    What is the root part of your Providence install?

    Not sure what you mean by db (blank) is done either.

  • Thanks for your response.

    -Shared hosting, I have full access to my directory, I manage 2 websites, write my own html, use bootstrap on my sites.

    -Hostpapa is the webservice, i did all the configs in the cpanel

    -providence directory is loaded in my website root directory

    -In MySQL I created a new, empty db per the instructions.

    Thanks much.

  • OK, moved the providence directory from the root into the public_html directory. Was able to install the db with success. Now if I can get the login to work I'll be done. My login keeps returning as invalid, even though I'm using my login user name from the setup.php file and a csrf token that was supplied at install. Suggestions?

  • When you run the installer through the web UI, it will give you an admin username and password, you need to use this to login, not what you have put in setup.php which is most likely your database user and password to connect the application to the database.

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