No facets available

As default template for Pawtucket i have 4 sections under objects but its not showing up in pawtucket , i will attach 2 imags for objects in back end and in front end.

NOTE that in front end it says while pressing on objects "No Facets available."

1675 x 469 - 940K
506 x 414 - 48K


  • You need to edit your Themes browse.conf to add the facets you want to view. It isn't assumed that what you use in Providence you also want in Pawtucket, they are separate configurations.

  • Thanks for you reply Monica.

    Let me calirfy myself better, I have lots of screens under objects and i want to have browser with all screens seperated so im guess that i had to add something like "ca_objects.Images" but its not working.

    Any further help in this?!

  • Add the type facet to your browse config. Look at the already defined facets on app/conf/browse.conf and add to your theme_dir/conf/browse.conf

    You will need to know how to configure and edit views to set up Pawtucket yourself, it's very barebone as is. Also make a copy of the default theme for your own use, or doing an update will overwrite your work

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