CollectiveAccess, ISAD(G) for arhives.


I installed CA using the profile for arhives, ISAD(G).

I have few questions, if you would be so kind to help me:

1) How do I create relationships between description units, I know how to create FUND, or create new SERIES but how to define their relationship - how to define that newly created series is part of that FUND.

2) Is there any way to import media representations as bulk but not just front and back. Let me explan. Let's say that we have a letter that is classified as FILE inside some FUND. That letter has 50 sheets. Is is possible to import via IMPORT -> MEDIA all those 50 images inside one file without creating 50 ITEMS, I just want those 50 images to be part of the specified FILE in my catalog and to have a opion to browse them continuously as a letter - it will be easier to read it that way.



  • Hi Vedran,

    Let's start with question 1)

    To create an archival description hierarchy, the levels have a parent/child relationship which is different from the other relationships. This is the parent_id field to connect them and is a one to many relationship (each record can have only one parent). To do this in the system you need to create your top level of description(LOD), then inside that record you can create a child record either with the child icon in the inspector panel, or via the add tab in the location in hierarchy bundle.

    I have hidden the lower LOD types from the create menu so users don't get confused and create them as stand alone records.

    Now question number 2)

    With the bulk media import you can match filenames or directory to the idno so it only adds them to existing records. You can also add an object representation relationship to your metadata import and point to a place on the server (or url) to upload the representation from.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you Monica. I created LOD (Fond) but can not locate either ADD tap in hierarcy bundle, or child icon in inspector panel. I attached screenshot for you to take a look.

    Thank you again for your help.

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  • Replace your hierarchy navigation bundle with the "location in hierarchy" bundle in the user interface editor. The add child icon is a configuration in app.conf (make sure you create a /local/app.conf file to put your configuration overwrites in.

  • Tnx for the help, it is working now, I have the child icon.


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