Where's the Caption?

CA working fine, trying to make the caption display on Pawtucket end.

-Loaded new artifact in Providence which displays in Pawtucket successfully.

-Loaded jpg in Media, also shows up in Pawtucket successfully.

-Added text in Media editor caption field, but does not display in Pawtucket.


I'm writing this after going around in circles for several hours. Thanks for guidance.

1000 x 943 - 201K
1000 x 588 - 115K


  • You'll need to edit the Pawtucket config/template to show the caption. Caption isn't an intrinsic field, so most likely not included in the default Pawtucket theme.

    The default theme is just to get started, or demoing, you'll need some development/design experience (yourself or someone else) to make it work for your schema

  • Thank you. I think I can manage this, but need help with the steps.

    Here is the code from /mytheme/conf/templates.conf

    Can you suggest the code that will enable the caption to show?


    fields = {

       title = {

          label = Page title,

          description = Title of page,

          width = 600px,

          height = 1


       bodytext = {

          label = Page text,

          description = Main text for page,

          usewysiwygeditor = 1,

          width = 600px,

          height = 300px



  • What file needs to be edited in order to display more object fields in Pawtucket, for a user browsing our collection? Thank you very much!

  • You need to edit lots of different files inside your theme/ directory. The conf files, the views files is where you need to start looking and to begin with the ones under views/details to show certain fields on the detail pages. You really need to just look through what others have done in their themes to get an idea. But as i said, you will want some front end development experience to have the best chance.

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