Advanced Search for objects from entities, relateds to a place.

Hi there!

Knowing that I can build an advanced search form for Objects using metadata elements from Entity (for example, to look for objects related to entities named "john" I can call for a {{{ca_entities.preffered_labels}}} element in my Object search form), is there any way to look for Objects related to entities related to a place? Example, list objects with preffered_label "letters*" from entities from Canada.



  • There are multiple ways to do that but I'd use a "relative_to" browse, I think. You can configure a browse facet to be "relative_to" something other than the main subject table. In you case, you'd create an place authority facet "Entities from" relative to ca_entities in your ca_objects browse config. Then you can combine your search for "letters*" or whatever and restrict by place with a few clicks.

    More info on the browse config, including a paragraph on relative_to, is here:
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