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Local install of Pawtucket not seeing setup.php

I have a local install of Providence and Pawtucket on Windows 10 via XAMPP. Providence installs without issue at this URL

However when I configure Pawtucket setup.php with the same database details and then go to

I get this error:
'No setup.php file found!'

Is there something obvious I am missing?



  • Pawtucket has its own setup.php and it should be in the pawtucket root. Are you sure it's there?
  • Yes. I created it from the template file provided, twice. That is what is so odd. I know it is there because if I go to: 
    I will get a forbidden access error as I should.
  • It's in the exact same directory as pawtucket's index.php, yes? Sorry, I'm not trying to be difficult, just want to make sure we're not missing anything obvious.

    If it's in the right location then it's probably some kind of permission thing. The web server needs to be able to read the file. The check that fails in your case is a simple file_exists() call.
  • How do i set that up?
  • Set what up? You have to make sure the setup.php file is in the right location and that there's nothing preventing the web server from reading that file.
  • Sorry, misread your note. 
    To confirm a permission issue I am going to reinstall pawtucket from git into providence folder and report back.
  • edited July 2016
    Solved it. Issue with Notepad writing the file type as .php-dist. Copying the file content to a new .php file did the trick.
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