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pawtucket2 map does not display object for line refference.

When i have a geo reference with two endpoints (symnbolizing a start and an end) as [31.23041600000001,121.47370099999999;60.128161000000006,18.643501] this draws a line on the map. This works in both providence 1.7 and in pawtucket2


When i hover over the line in pawtucket2 there is no refference to the object that created the line, but in providence 1.7 map there is. 

I understan that providence 1.7 uses OpenLayers and pawtucket2 uses Goolemaps. Is there some way to fix this or do a workaround?



  • Hi muchmurch,

    If you add the option "mapContentTemplate" to your detail.conf file under the other map configuration options, you should be able to add metadata to your map bubbles using the standard template code.
  • Hi Sophie!!

    The first part i understand, I have enabled the mapContentTemplate = ^ca_objects.georeference, in the detail.conf file. But im not sure about the second part. Where do I edit that Template Code?
    As it is now the red points on the map show the correct information (small thumbnail, and name to the object) but the lines do not show the same info. 
  • Hi murchmurch,

    How are you naming your places?  Is the object location being entered directly through a georeference bundle on the object record, are you relating a place record etc?  ie where should the place name being pulled from?
  • Hi Sophie!
    I have a Georefference for each object. On some object its just one  place ex:  [31.23041600000001,121.47370099999999]. This results in a red "dot" on the GooleMap and when i hover over it i get the associated objects.
    Other objects have a georefference consisting of 2 places  [31.23041600000001,121.47370099999999;60.128161000000006,18.643501] This rtesults in a line being drawn in GoogleMaps. But when i hoower over it no objects are associated with the line.

    This works fine in providence 1.7 but there the default is not Goole Maps as i understand it. 

  • Hi murchmurch,

    If you are just trying to display the object label on the georeference pin you should set mapContentTemplate to the object label, such as:

    mapContentTemplate = ^ca_objects.preferred_labels
  • Hi Sophie!
    The problem is that it works for the "red dots" but does not for the line representations.
    On the red dots i get all the correct info but not on the lines.

  • Im using the default details.comf:

    detailTypes = {
    objects = {
    displayName = _(Objects),
    table = ca_objects,
    restrictToTypes = [],
    options = {
    nextLink = <i class='fa fa-angle-right'></i><div class='small'>Next</div>,
    previousLink = <i class='fa fa-angle-left'></i><div class='small'>Prev</div>,
    resultsLink = <i class='fa fa-angle-double-left'></i><div class='small'>Back</div>,
    enableComments = 1,
    enableShare = 1,
    representationViewerPrimaryOnly = 0,
    representationViewerDontShowPlaceholder = 0,
    #representationViewerCaptionTemplate = <div class='small'>^</div>,
    map_attribute = ca_objects.georeference,
    map_width = 100%,
    map_height = 200,
    # -- what appears in map balloon
    mapContentTemplate = ^ca_objects.preferred_labels,
    # Customize export download file names; can be set to a display template or static text
    #pdfExportTitle = ^,
    # annotations
    # display annotations? Valid values are: viewer (in viewer), div (in external div with class #detailAnnotations), none (no display) [Default is none]
    displayAnnotations = div,
    # template used to format annotation in list; evaluated relative to the annotation
    displayAnnotationTemplate = ^ (^ca_representation_annotations.duration%asTimecode=hms)
    # --- aliases to this detail page - these map to browses that return this type of detail, only need to be defined if the key of this array differs from the browses that find this record type
    #aliases = []
  • Hi Sophie!

    To me it looks like the lookup from the map is broken when the coordinate is not in the format [lat,long] but as it is for the lines [lat,long;lat,long]. The question is where in te code this lookup is made? 

  • Does pawtucket2 support any other map interface?
  • It only supports GoogleMaps. We'll look at the path display – last I checked it did work.
  • Hi Seth!

    It works in the Details view (the small one to the right) But not in the serch result "big" map. 
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