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Displaying elements based on element type with rule

Hello, I’m having a bit of difficulty implementing an <if> rule for object detail displays in Pawtucket (we are running Pawtucket version 2.0 and Providence version 1.6.1).  We have an element Description (pbcoreDescription) consisting of two sub-elements; Description Type (pbdescriptionType) and Description (pBdescription_text).  Description Type is a list element that uses the list Description Type (pbcore_description_types).  What I’d like to do is have pBdescription_text display on the object viewer *only* if the element’s Description Type is set to Abstract (abstract) from the drop-down list.  After reading these two sources, ( and (, I added the following line to [our pawtucket directory]/themes/default/views/Details/ca_objects_default_html.php :

{{{<ifdef code= \"ca_objects.pbcoreDescription.pbdescriptionType =~ /abstract/\"><H6>Description:</H6><unit relativeTo="ca_objects.pbcoreDescription"><if rule= \"^pbdescriptionType =~ /abstract/\">^ca_objects.pbcoreDescription.pBdescription_text<br/></if></unit></ifdef>}}}

But, the pBdescription_text and the word “Description” in the <H6> tags never show, even for objects whose pbdescriptionType is set to Abstract in Providence.  Is there something I’m missing?

I hope all this makes sense (apologies for the similar names among the elements and lists; they were part of our installation profile), and that I included enough information!  Please let me know if I need to elaborate on anything.  


  • Hi ccas,

    Is this bundle repeatable?  Or does it accept a maximum of one entry?
  • Hi Sophie,

    At the moment, there's no reason for us to add more than one entry; but, we don't have any restrictions built into the metadata element to limit the number of entries.  Would that be part of the issue?
  • Hi ccas,

    Yes, fields that have the potential to repeat should be wrapped in <ifcount> so you can try something like:

    {{{<ifcount min="1" code="ca_objects.pbcoreDescription"><unit delimiter="<br/>"><if rule= \"^pbdescriptionType =~ /abstract/\"><H6>Description:</H6>^ca_objects.pbcoreDescription.pBdescription_text</if></unit></ifcount>}}}
  • Hi Sophie, 

    Thanks for your help! I just tried your suggested code, but I'm afraid I'm still not seeing anything.  Could there be something else I'm missing?  I did not make any changes to the element's minimum or maximum entries required in Providence.
  • In your original example, I'm not sure that a regex can be used in the initial ifdef "code" tag. I think it is expecting a metadata field name. If you get rid of that, but keep the rest of your template the same, does that work? 

    {{{<unit relativeTo="ca_objects.pbcoreDescription" delimiter="<br/>"><if rule= \"^pbdescriptionType =~ /abstract/\"><H6>Description:</H6>^ca_objects.pbcoreDescription.pBdescription_text</if></unit>}}}
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