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Upgrade from Providence 1.6.1 to 1.7.5

I am trying to upgrade from Providence 1.6.1 schema revision 126 To 1.7.5.

I have downloaded the application (Providence) and database from our shared web server onto my Windows 10 laptop to do the upgrade within an XAMPP environment. I noticed the app/tmp files were very large, can I delete them and is there any way to limit the maximum size?

The downloads worked fine on the laptop, I then tried replacing Providence 1.6.1.with 1.75 and running the database update from the startup screen which indicated starting with migration # 127 as expected. I clicked for automatic update, it failed, uncaught fatal error message.

When I tried to go into the application again the startup screen stated starting with migration #130. I clicked for automatic update and again it failed, uncaught fatal error message. Launching the application again showed starting with migration #130. What is the schema for 1.7.5?

Please advise how to progress with the schema updates.


  • Hi there,

    What is the fatal error that you're seeing when you try to upgrade?

  • See attached screen shot.
  • Please check the log file, it will be in your Providence directory in app/log. There should be an ERROR line in the most recent log file that details what happened.

  • Here is the ERROR line from app/log

    2017-10-11 4:19:05 - ERROR --> DatabaseException: Can't DROP 'fk_ca_batch_log_items_batch_id'; check that column/key exists

    How can I resolve the issue?

  • Here is a screen print from phpmyadmin
  • Does anyone have any suggestions how I can solve my problem?
  • Open up the file support/sql/migrations/130.sql and comment out line 9 but prepending a "#" to it. Eg. change this:

    ALTER TABLE ca_batch_log_items DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_ca_batch_log_items_batch_id;

    to this:

    #ALTER TABLE ca_batch_log_items DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_ca_batch_log_items_batch_id;

    Then try to re-run the update.
  • Thank you for your your assistance.

    I commented our the line as suggested and re-ran the full upgrade. After some time another failure, but now when I went into the application the startup screen stated
    'starting with migration #133'. I clicked for automatic update and it failed immediately.

    app/log record

    2017-10-15 6:39:18 - ERROR --> DatabaseException: Duplicate column name 'circulation_status_id'
    2017-10-15 6:39:56 - ERROR --> DatabaseException: Duplicate column name 'circulation_status_id'

    Next step please.

  • I commented out a line from support/sql/migrations/133.sql

    #ALTER TABLE ca_objects ADD  `circulation_status_id` INT UNSIGNED NU

    Re-ran the update which completed.

    I have attached a screen print of the configuration check. Which seems to confirms the upgrade to 1.7.5

    Would commenting out the line from support/sql/migrations/133.sql have caused any problems?

  • It won't cause any problems unless you reload a different database and need to update that through migration 133. 
    These failures indicate that you may have tried to unsuccessfully update this install before?
  • Sounds right to me. Thank you.
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