What would you like to see from CollectiveAccess 2.0?



  • Hi
    I think it would be great to combine mobile with CA. I mean to scan Barcodes and maybe download extramedia (details from your phone)  for easier managing of your collection without buying extra tools. 
  • Quick-Add list items. 
  • I don't know if anyone has brought this up, but I LOVE to have the ability to load all media representations in an object record, rather than just loading 20 at a time. We have object records with 400 media representations uploaded to it, and it gets very annoying if I have to edit something within each media representation record, because I can only load 20 at once. For some reason, creating a set to batch edit does not always work; not all of the media representations will show up when I try to add one to the set. 
  • in pawtucket --the ability to have a shareable link to search results (particularly from the advanced search) without putting them in the lightbox.
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    Only one wish. At least one more database backend  e.g.Postgresql
  • dynamic dropdowns related to list creation. When I select an option in the first dropdown, the second dropdowns vary the content. For example, when in the first dropdown I choose Country, in the second dropdown only the cities of that country appear.
  • In the Access Roles,  to be able set object permissions by object type (ex give permissions for Archival items, but not Artworks) 
  • What about the implementation of MARC standard based installation profiles (UniMarc, Marc21 or MARCXML) ?
    It is mentionned as "in developpement" on the wiki.
  • Spell Check on input as I suck at both typing and spelling.
  • In the batch media import, the ability to replace a media file of the same name or remove all previous media files on import. 
  • I'm a bit late to the party here but I think the ability to create custom displays for cataloguing would be incredibly useful. There is already something similar for record information displays for staff that don't have editing access. I can create custom displays based on the assigned group/login when displaying record information but not when cataloguing. This would be helpful as students or volunteers entering old physical cataloguing data don't need access to all the fields as most older physical records only have minimal information. The plethora of fields can be a bit overwhelming if only three or four are being used. The time savings would be significant for staff.

    Also, 'sarahs' above mentioned the ability to replace media or remove all previous media on a batch upload would be very useful following digitisation or documentation projects.
  • SwiftCurrentMuseum : it is already possible to create custom user interfaces for specific groups of users. You can set them up using the user interface editor in the "Manage" menu under "Administrate"
  • I did not know that Seth so thank you for letting me know. I created a basic test user interface with the type set to 'objects'. How do I assign it to a user or user group? I can't seem to find anything under the user interface or under access control. I might be missing something or not have access. Would modifying the metadata available to the group under Manage>Access control>Access Roles produce the same or similar result if for whatever reason I can't assign the user interface to a group?

    Oh, one other suggestion: allowing more than 20 files per batch upload. I'm guessing this is to prevent crashing but how about a total file size limit instead?

  • Is there an option not to generate PDF tilepic? The old version for PDF viewer is already enough for me.
  • LTK19: you can get rid of Tilepic generation by editing the media_processing.conf file rule sets.
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    Clickable breadcrumbs
    Dark ca Theme
    Notifications / Outlook Integration
    Standart location tracking integration (without having to adapt code)

    Further: step by step wiki for beginners (for things like location tracking), webinars covering basics and advanced use.

    Other: CA is a truly masterpiece! For a beginner like me something like webinars would help a lot.
  • I prefer to use the Viewer of PDF in Providence 1.6 in CA 2.0 rather than 1.7, it wastes a lot of time to generate the tilepic (the preview is poor if tilepic generation is turned it off) and i think this is not necessary for PDF
  • Hi. I would like to see an integration with a digital preservation service such as archivematica.org or roda-community.org. Something that would allow to easily upload and process the digital assets described in CollectiveAccess into a digital preservation environment.
    What I have in mind, for example, is the kind of integration that a platform like AtoM offers with Archivematica.
    I hope you'll consider this.

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    A more flexible and documented API REST (aka service.php) system.
    See for example the problem we described in the discussion  299241 
    unfortunately still unanswered.
  • I would like to see the URLs http://www.collectiveaccess.org and all its sub-domains (jira~/clangers) etc all be using https.
    These are all freely and easily provided by the EFF and LetsEncrypt.org.

    This request is because https ensures endpoint to endpoint security, and eliminates html / script injection.
    To install in bash

    mkdir /opt/certbot
    cd /opt/certbot
    wget https://dl.eff.org/certbot-auto
    chmod a+x ./certbot-auto

    and to install a cert run
    sudo certbot --apache -d example.com

  • mrpinks: Good point; we are very overdue on this
  • -Batch delete sets. Currently have to delete a set one-by-one, at least in the user interface.
    -Ability to edit existing values for a metadata field. When using the "Suggest Existing Values" option for a metadata field, there can be two instances of a value but one has an extra space or a misspelling. It's difficult to track down each item that has the value with an extra space and edit each one individually. 
    -Better placement of scroll bars when operating in spreadsheet mode. 
  • What are your thoughts on css for each user / customisable gui?
    Or a css selection for casting larger font / buttons / bgcolor etc for user or user category?
    Or do you think this is best done by the browser and browser plugins ie font is easily enlarged in the browser settings, buttons can be enlarged via browser plugins.

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    I don't know if this already exists. How about connecting multiple ca instances with sort of a networked virtual repository and also a front-end to search across multiple databases of different collections. This would allow to connect museums and collections world wide. Curators of different institutions could work together, compare artefacts etc. Scientists and public users could also search multiple databases at once.
  • I would love the possibility to jump from a screen to another without having to save the record every time.
    The data entry process would be way quicker if the user could choose to save the record only when he's leaving the record, not every time that he leaves a screen inside a record. 
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    I didn't think about it earlier as I had no problems with pdf generation before but I don't think the approach taken, namely generating html which is in turn converted to pdf is entirely justified. I think it would be good enough to be able to generate simple pdfs,  without all the fancy css styling which is probably mostly unused anyway, with a library like  mPDF. Now we are dependent on all the bugs which new versions of wkhtmltopdf or dompdf bring. So what about mPDF or TCPDF option for most simple reports?
  • Export GeoNames elements (name, adminName2, adminName1, countryName, lat, lng, adminCode1, geonameId) separately. Much like being able to do ca_objects.lcsh_terms.id and ca_objects.lcsh_terms.text, but instead ca_objects.geographic_location.place_name.name, ca_objects.geographic_location.place_name.adminName1, etc

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    ability to create new items with a mobile device website (resposive) from smartphone / tablet and to directly take one or more photos with the deivice camera and attach it to the new item.

  • In the browe.conf, it would be nice to have the ability to only have a browse facet appear if the browse/search results were under a certain number of records.

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    I'd like to see the ability to easily move metadata elements between 'levels'. Moving metadata elements from the top level to a sub level or between containers in an element without exporting or scripting would be useful.

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